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Reviewing: Noxema Cleansing Pads  |  Rating:
jennem By jennem on
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My mother used to use Noxema cleansing lotion. I can remember sitting on her bed watching her pull back her hair with a headband and then rub the white cream all over her face. I will never forget the smell of Noxema. It reminds me of Mom!

I use these pads as an extra skin cleanser after showers and during the day if my face feels especially dirty or if I re-apply makeup. I know that some people don't like the smell, but I do. I associate it with clean skin.

The pads themselves are smoother than some pads I've tried, but they are still a little rough. I'm sure that's necessary for deep cleaning, but it can be too much. Also if you have any kind of cut on your face, these do sting. So do other pads.

I sometimes have trouble with acne, and these pads seems to help. Often I will use them on my chest and shoulders as well as my face.

For that nostagic smell and a good, clean face I would recommend these cleansing pads.