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Clean Your Evaporator Coils With Ac Flow

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AC Flow Evaporator Cleaner

We recently had some air conditioning issues and decided it was time to clean the interior unit coils. We bought AC Flow Evaporator Coil Cleaner to help us get the job done. The label states it has no acid added, it helps your AC unit run more efficiently, and will clean soil and deposits. AC Flow is for all home air conditioning units with accessible coils. The ingredients are listed as: "product contains degreasers and surfactants in an alkaline formula." Searching online, I could not find a list of the exact ingredients. Though the instructions do not say to, I suggest you wear gloves while using the product.

We took on the job of cleaning the interior unit coils ourselves because the fee for a technician to do it was outrageous. We hoped the AC Flow cleaner would make the job easier because it has a no-rinse option. This is fine if you do not mind the ammonia fumes blowing through your vents. We opted to rinse, which helped eliminate the fumes. The odor is very similar to Windex with ammonia. The no-rinse option requires you run your system for at least 30 minutes after application for condensation to build.

AC Flow Evaporator Coil Cleaner did work on some of the soil. The deposits were stubborn and required brushing. Home Depot sells coil brushes that help clean and straighten the fins for around eight dollars. To save some money, you can use a household cleaning brush if you are gentle. If you find any fins on your coils are bent, a small ACE hair comb works well to repair the damage.

The unit seems to be running more efficiently and cooling better. We noticed the AC does not run as long as it had been prior to cleaning the coils. This should help our electric bill immensely.

Your air conditioner coils should be cleaned at least once a year for optimal performance. If you call a service to do this, some will completely remove the coil from the unit to do the job. This is time consuming and you run the risk of having parts break. With AC Flow Evaporator Coil Cleaner, you can do the task yourself, without removing the coil, and save money.