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Cleaner Air

Reviewing: Air O Swiss 2055 Ionising Airwasher And Humidifier  |  Rating:
Chris Kong By Chris Kong on
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I bought this air purifier during the haze period which was so bad that our country need to declare state of emergency. It comes in handy during the SARS period too!

Pros: This machine not only cleanses the air but also add moisture to the air. It works by sucking in the polluted air, then trapping all the pollutants in the water and lastly the cleaned air is released back into the room.

Cons: It only works effectively in rather small room like my bedroom. Once the room is big like my living room, it is no more effective. The water that traps pollutants gets dirty fast so it needs very frequent cleaning. The worst thing about this purifier is, it is not only the tank that needs frequent cleaning but also the interior of the purifier too. The water needs to be changed at least once a week thus it means a lot of maintainence and frequent cleaning in order to enjoy fresh air always.