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Cleanser For Combination Skin

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For the rest of my body, I have nice smooth skin. Except for my face. I have holes that look like the crater of the moon. And although I no longer have acne, I get zits from time to time. But these are not just small pimples that go away after several days. Mine are really big and deep and sometimes need injection of steroids so that the swelling will subside. Then after that, the pimple will forever leave a mark. At least until I am alive.

Anyway, when I got pregnant, I had more breakouts because of the hormonal changes taking place in my body. So I looked for a suitable cleanser for me and I found Olay Clarity Fresh Cleanswer for oily or combination skin. I have combination skin. My cheeks are normal, my nose area is oily, while my forehead is dry. Would you believe that? My forehead looks shiny but if you look closer, it really is dry. I wonder why.

When I used this cleanser, I noticed that I no longer had breakouts until after I gave birth even till now. Of course I just had to treat the other pimples that came out earlier, but I had no more additional breakouts. I used this product twice a day, once in the morning and at night before I go to bed. I believe it had balance the oil production on my face and cleansed my face without further clogging it therefore my pores are clean and able to breathe.

I really like this product, it is inexpensive yet it works. I could not really say that my complexion improved. That was not my purpose anyway. But I am already happy that I no longer have breakouts as I had before.