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Lisa Sullivan By Lisa Sullivan on
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Seriously? Seriously!

I do not have time for this. I don't think anybody does.

Searching and searching for a product that doesn't make their skin look like its just been set on fire.

If you're anything like me and have sensitive, acne prone skin, but don't know what to do about it, this is the product for you.

I've kinda lost track of how many garbage products im after using.

It makes me a little sick to think about all the trouble I went through.

I laughed a lot when my dermatologist told me that cetaphil would be fine for me to use. Actually I was a little surprised. I was sort of expecting her to say, "No, heres a perscription for this 70 dollar cream"

I was also expecting, Oh yeah, this will first make your skin really bad, then after 2 months of complete and udder torture it will start looking better and you won't have you hang yourself. (joke)

BUT, remembering now (Something I failed to mention earlier) is that she also put me on some medication. Lovely wonderful medication. Needing a skin cleanser is a must, so they compliment each other well.

So let me just give you the overall easy rundown...

Make sure that you buy the one that says Gentle Skin Cleanser - non-comedogenic, Fragrance free and for normal to dry skin, and on the back - OIL FREE.

I recommend this to people with obviously sensitive skin/acne prone skin. Though its not an acne product as such, it will help you a lot if you are on medication, for it won't make your skin worse, or irritated, but rather leave your skin soft and smooth.

It removes make-up well, so at night I slop it on to make sure I get all the make-up but don't kill my skin by rubbing it violently. Don't use thick rough facecloths - I find tissues work good or eye make-up pads.

It's a great product.

Also, two other products I bought along with it are both by Cetaphil.

Theres no point in me doing another 2 reviews for them, because I will say the same things.

I bought the Daily facial moisturizer Senstive skin- Non-comedogenic - Oil free - Fragrance free - Lightweight - For all skin types plus SPF 15.

It's a charmer.

Then the last one we have would be...

Cetaphil - Moisturizing lotion - Sensitive skin - Non-Comedogenic - Fragrance-free. For normal to dry skin.

Keep in mind it doesn't say oil free on this one, so I would keep it away from your face, and only use it on your body.

Out of all the cleansers out there, I think we found a winner, captain.