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Clear Passage Nasal Strips

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Beth Benson By Beth Benson on
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If you have a person in your house that snores so bad and so loudly that you feel like there is no room in the house that you can sleep quietly in, then you need to try Clear Passage Nasal Strips. My boyfriend snores so loudly and the regular brand name nasal strips are just too expensive. So we decided to try the Clear Passage ones. You get 16 strips in their smallest package for about $4 at your local Wal-Mart.

You have to be careful to follow the directions and place them on the nose just right, or else you'll be covering your ears with a pillow. It took my boyfriend and I several tries to get the placement exactly right, but once you do, you and him will get a great night sleep.

When you apply the strip, you want to make sure that you hold it and press it down on the bridge of the nose for about 30 seconds. The instructions say 20 seconds, but the longer you hold it, the better grasp it gets of opening the nasal passage.

I have found that washing the nose area makes it easier to have the strips stick, its gripping your nose and not the oil and dirt that accumulates on the nose.

Recently I just got over a bad cold and sleeping was impossible, so I tried this product and it helped me to breathe at night and reduced my stuffiness.

But do not use it if you have sunburn on your nose! It hurts and doesn't really help; instead it feels like your nose is being ripped off. And of course it causes irritation to the burned skin.

I highly recommend this product!