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Clear Power Window Glass Cleaner

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Some time ago my oldest daughter became interested in the Melaleuca brand of products and purchased a variety of things to try. In the box that arrived was a 16 oz clear plastic bottle with a clear, highly concentrated glass cleaner inside and an empty 710ml plastic spray bottle. Not being familiar with the Company or its products I looked at the product for a bit and wondered if 4 oz (1/4 of the bottle) mixed with water in a 710ml spray bottle (think Windex spray bottles), which is what the directions called for, would really do much for the streakless shine I normally expect to see on my mirrors and windows.

For me, a streakless shine is something I need in order to keep my sanity in check. We love our home, it's big, it's lovely and it has a huge flaw! Every room within it has a mirror or window of some sort. It also has a massive glass and chrome chandelier in the dining room, glass and chrome track lights in the baths and well... the large wall of custom mirror in the dining room doesn't do my aching body much good either sometimes. I could effectively spend a full day cleaning nothing but mirrors and windows and another full day for nothing but light fixtures and glass table tops. So, when I choose such a cleaner, it has to be a good one. I wasn't certain that I wanted to try this particular one simply because doing things once is fine with me and normally, my body which usually protests in pain after a day of cleaning anyway, doesn't enjoy repeating things either if it doesn't have to.

So, as the good mother I am :), I decided that given this was my daughter's purchase, I'd allow her to break in the new glass cleaner by first using it on her large mirrored closet doors. She use to love using her mirrors as her own personal writing paper and usually they were filled with notes, friends names and telephone numbers or email addresses and dj bookings she had coming up, jotted down here and there with erasable markers of several different colors.

After mixing just a 1/4 of the bottle with regular cool tap water to fill a 710ml spray bottle, she grabbed a few paper towels and with me in tow, ran to her room. On entering her room, I made a mental note that some of the writing on the mirror had been there for a very long time. Oh, oh. This cleaner had a job ahead of it and so did my daughter's arms. I could just imagine the streaks that would be left behind despite her best efforts. Even "another glass cleaner" had never wiped streak free the first time around with these markers. I would know...I'd used them in the children's bath when I'd grown tired of walking into a less than neat bathroom. Usually when I leave notes somewhere, particularly if I've just written on a mirror {gasp} the children know I mean business. I'd had to use more than a few paper towels and cleaner to get my mess off without streaks. This would be an interesting challenge.

After spraying a small section of the mirror and using the paper towel, the writing was completely gone in one wipe and behind was a shiny, absolutely no streak finish. Impressed? You bet! The cleaner doesn't stream down the surface but actually stays put where you spray it with only a very tiny bit of liquid run and I find you do use less spray than with other brands. I cherish that day because my daughter did the entire house with this cleaner and it smelled great and looked sparkling clean...everywhere!

This cleaner is a natural cleaner with no ammonia. Instead it uses distilled white vinegar and melaleuca oil as well as ethenol and is scented with a fresh smell. It removes grime, soap residue, toothpaste spatters from bath mirrors and taps and my windows are so clear and clean that one day our poor Jack Russel almost knocked herself senseless after she'd been outside and one of the children had closed the patio door on her. It wasn't funny to watch her shaking her head for moments after the collision but it convinced me that when I use this cleaner, especially on the patio door, I need to always remember to close the screen so that she'll be alerted that there is indeed something between her and the inside/outside of the house. Of course she isn't the only one to have mistaken the patio door as being open. I've had a husband and a few children do double takes when they've realized the door is actually closed, too.

The only thing I haven't found it works really well on is my ceramic stove top which is black. It usually takes two applications to get it shiny without streaking but this cleaner does make much shorter work of grease splatters or drops from cooking and usually the results are worth the 2nd application. My husband doesn't like the cleaner for doing his truck windows however, but I still think it's the guy and not the cleaner leaving less than perfect windows behind although he doesn't believe me yet.

The 16oz bottle of concentrated cleaner, the empty spray bottle and a micro fibre cloth are available online for a cost of $13.99 while members can purchase it for $9.28. I've used just white vinegar & water but for those times when I simply want fast, clean and sparkling surfaces I pull this cleaner out. Unlike just the vinegar though, wiping off the cleaner is fast and you don't need to wipe it over and over in order to get rid of the moisture.

As with all cleaners, this one cautions not to spray near eyes or leave on the skin when it's full strength. So far I've not had any reaction from it once the cleaner has been mixed with water. It is a clear solution however so mixing it into a spray bottle that is clearly marked as Clear Power or Window cleaner, is necessary and of course, as with all such products, keeping out of reach of children/pets is necessary.