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Clear Stuffed Nose

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I am a BzzAgent and had received an Afrin Pure Sea Nasal Rinse several months ago, which came in full size. I honestly was a chicken to use this product because I have a sensitive gag reflex and just don't like the idea of sticking anything in my nose. So I had given this product to my friend to use and they really liked it. I ended up purchasing one for myself a little later and just put it away for a future date.

Well the past two days are those future dates, because I re-caught a cold or sinus infection from people around me that just keep giving it back to me. My main problem is that I produce a very thick mucus (I know ... "eww"), but between the colds I get and my allergies, I normally get hit from both directions if I catch a cold. My congestion is very hard to get rid of most of the time and it drives me up the wall. So I figured I better try this product to get some relief from my very stuffed nasal passages. I do enjoy breathing through my nose at times.

I read the instructions and saw that it seemed pretty easy to use, just like my friend had reported. It contains pure sea water and contains no medications. The applicator top snaps on top of the plastic bottle, but be careful when you pop it on, because the cap punctures the hole on top of the bottle and a stream of liquid will shoot out about two feet. Luckily most of it went into my sink.

This product can also be used on children, ages 6 months and up. But the application process is different than for older children and adults. I have included a picture of the instructions, which also shows pictures on the application process.

You can use this product over the sink or in the shower. I chose the shower, since I also had the benefit of the steam. You tilt your head as far sideways as possible, place the applicator top into one side of your nose and gently press down on the cap. The light pressure of liquid from the cap will go into the one side of your nose and clear out anything stuffing you up - and expell right out the other nostril side. Then just repeat the process for the other side. I did notice if you are very congested, that the sea water can also go down the back of your throat, but that is only until you get the nose cleared. This is another reason why I preferred the shower method.

I have to say that it still is odd using this product, but it really does help clear out a stuffed nose.And using this in congunction with medication from your doctor, you will at least have some immediate relief in clearing your nose.

This product can be used up to 4 times per day, however, I only used it once yesterday and once today to relieve the congestion that normally occurs in the morning upon waking up. Now, it does clear your nose out so that you can breathe, but until your cold or allergies run its course, you will become congested again. But you will have some relief and this is nothing against the product though.

I am not sure that I would use this on a baby, compared to using a nasal aspirator, but maybe others have and can reply to their results?

Overall, I recommend this product for all chickens out there who are like me, but who also will try anything to get relief from being congested. Plus, since it's just sea water (which is not very salty at all), you don't need to worry about any side effects.