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Clear Your Bowel

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I am 4 months pregnant at the moment and in the early stages of my pregnancy, the first trimester, I could notice the change of my food habit. I don't like taking anything and feel as if my stomach is full. In connection to my early stages of pregnancy, I had developed digestive disorders, with some bloating and infrequent bowel movement or constipations. I was surprised to the change but my mother suggested me to visit a gynecologist for advice. My husband took me to one of the gynecologists and on speaking out my history; the doctor prescribed me with some medicines. One of the prescribed medicines was Livoluk fibre which I am discussing at the moment.

The medicine comes in a plastic bottle which is cylindrical in shape, with a yellow lid at the top to keep the content air tight. On opening the lid, inside comes a silvery seal which we have to tear open to find inside yellowish granules. I never smell medicines to say how it smells, but I am sure it will smell just like the medicines. The product I purchased was of lemon flavor as indicated at the plastic bottle itself.


Each 15g of granule contains 10 grams of Lactulose (BP) and 3.50 grams of Ispaghula Husk (IP) and color (Quinoline yellow, water soluble).


The medicine is used to treat chronic idiopathic constipation as an adjuvant to diet.

Directions to use:

It depends on the severity of constipation. For me, I was prescribed a single dose of 2 tea spoon full of granules in a cup of water.


Simply, I don't like it. It has a peculiar taste and can not be described in words. Every time I have the tendency to vomit (nausea) while taking the medicine. I could not get the lemon flavor of the granules while forcefully consuming the medicines to get rid of my constipation.


First day: There was little constipation. From the second day onwards, I had evacuated my bowel completely without any feeling of incomplete evacuation. I am happy using the medicine even though it has a horrible taste. I am happy that my bowel was set to normal after use of that medicine and I can feel hungry again.

Side effects:

No side effects.


The medicine should not be administered to patients with intestinal obstruction, colonic atony, and those with known hypersensitivity to lactulose and / or ispaghula husk.

Bottom line:

If you have digestive disturbances relating to constipation, you can rely on this medicine. This medicine is very effective to reset your bowel in motion.