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Cleveland Fans Unite!

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Cleveland Fans I know you desperately wish to keep the King in your hometown and this tee shirt gives you the perfect platform to do so. Even if you are not part of the Cavalier faithful, the website ilovethehype.com has the perfect shirt for you. The puppet-looking characters and Ghostbuster look-a-like emblem is a creative and fresh way to express your loyalties in the NBA. The site has shirts with bright colors and smart shirts that often focus on NBA-related humor. The only issue is that the shirts have not yet outsourced the images past LeBron and Kobe. Other superstars and other teams besides the Lakers, Celtics, Cavs and Chicago are left in the shadows as the site focuses on the recent playoffs and the free agent bonanza that is this summer of 2010. That being said, there are plenty of witty and fresh shirt ideas on this site and it is a perfect gift for anyone who double as an amateur NBA enthusiast . If you need a gift idea for your boyfriend or dad these shirts have plenty of swag for them. Personally I begged my girlfriend until I got one and boy do I love this shirt. It works well for a multitude of scenarios. I can go to the club, the bar, the basketball courts, class and pretty much everywhere else. The pictures are from the site ilovethehype.com, enjoy!