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Clip & Go Scentportables

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I used to be a Bath & Body Works junkie but I got to a point where I had way too many lotions & potions that sat around so I haven't shopped there for many years. My daughter gave me a pair of lounge socks from there for Christmas and when I was in the mall for the day after Christmas sales I stopped in to see what was new.

I picked up some really great hand lotion and lip gloss and went to pay for my purchase. As always when you get up to the counter they have all these last minute impulse items, all on sale of course.

The one that caught my eye was a little box that said Pineapple Mango on it.....my favorite drink flavor. It turned out to be what is called a Scentportable, a clip & go fragrance unit. It is only about 3 inches around, white in color, and has this big clip on the back so you can attach it wherever you want.

It was normally $5.00, on sale half price to $2.50. What the heck I slid it over to the salesgirl and hoped it would smell as good as it sounded when I got home. The next morning before we left for the day I removed the unit from the box and I just needed to twist the top cover off, remove the foil from the little fragrance disc and then screw the cover back on. No batteries or electrical plug was needed, another big plus.

I'm happy to say the scent is very fresh and tropical, not overpowering. When we came home it smelled like a mixture of fresh Hawaiian flowers. It was a delightful scent that even my husband said he liked.

I like that this will clip onto any surface up to 3/4" thick. This will make it great to slip onto something in your car, a closet shelf, the basement, or even the side of a laundry basket waiting to be unloaded. I took a picture of it clipped to our shower door.

When I was at the store they also had the scent Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin. I would love to have that in my kitchen and now I'm mad that I didn't pick that up too. The scent is supposed to last 4 to 6 weeks and after almost 2 weeks it is still going strong. I also checked this out on line and there are more fragrances available: Cinnamon & Clove Buds, Cinnamon Stick, Fresh Linen and Vanilla Coconut.

The only negative comment I have is that I wish they made refills but the package clearly states that when the scent is gone, you throw out the entire unit, do not refill, and put up a new unit. To me this is a waste of the plastic case since it would be so easy to refill, not to mention the extra cost of a whole new unit and the land fill issue. I also gave the burn time a low rating as this doesn't involve a candle.

I have to recommend this because I do love the easy use of this clip on Scentportable and can't wait to go back to pick up a few more. I can always save the plastic cases and insert some homemade potpouri tied in some very fine netting and use these to line my closets. That's the Dutch in me!!