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Clip On Headphones: Sony Mdr Q68 Lw

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Upon purchasing my second hand PSP, one of the items included with the unit was a Sony MDR-Q68LW, Clip-on Headphones. Thinking that it was among those included with the second hand PSP, it might only last a few times until it would completely break down since what only matters would be the PSP. To my surprise, I can still use it up to now.

A clip-on style headphone so it hangs around your earlobe, making them secure and can adjust to any ear size.

Sound quality is quite good and it doesn't hurt your ears with its soft ear pads and it can adjust to any size with its lightweight and thin body for stable fitting compared to earphones that you have to plug into your ear wherein if the size isn't right, it wouldn't be comfortable after using it for a long time.

It also has a retractable cord that you can extend and retract for storage.

I usually leave them hanging on my ear even when I am not listening to any audio or I would sometimes hang them along the collar of my shirt.

Being just among the items included in a package deal of a second hand unit, this surely is an impressive accessory as it proves it durability.