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Clorox For Tough Toilet Stains Good But No Star

Reviewing: Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner For Tough Stains 24 Ounces  |  Rating:
Joan Young By Joan Young on
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Clorox for Tough Toilet Bowl Stains is as good as my regular product, but it didn’t get the tough stains I’ve been fighting in my bowl for years.

When this product was recently on sale I bought it to try, since I’ve been trying to get some tough stains out of one toilet for years. The $1.99 price for 24 ounces makes it 8.29 cents an ounce, and this was a sale price, remember.

It claims to help prevent toilet ring, and that a weekly re-application will help to prevent stain buildup. Well, duh... if you clean your toilet every week, you won’t get many stains. There is no statement as to its effect on septic systems, or its ability to disinfect.

The child-proof cap will probably keep the tots from opening it; it’s very annoying for adults. The cap has soft sides in exactly two places. You must press hard on these two spots in order to be able to twist the cap past that point. I have fairly strong hands, and I still had to use both hands to work this cap. The cap does not come completely off, just twists into an open position.

The angle and pointed nozzle of the bottle are well shaped to get the product under the toilet rim. And you can see that the Clorox cleaner did cling to the sides well rather than dripping immediately into the water.

The scent of the product is nicer than most. It has more of a fresh smell, and not so chemical.

After this, it’s like any cleaner, you brush, wait a few minutes and flush. The product sudzes up so you can’t see whether you are really getting all the grime brushed off below the water line. This is one of my pet peeves about toilet cleaners.

The product has some good points, and I might buy it again on sale, but it didn’t get out my stains.