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Close Your Pores

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By daniellesami on
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Hello my name is Danielle. Recently I checked out a Girl Force book from the local library. I discovered I was an earth girl and the information in the book was bizzarly accurate. I found a section in the book that talks about face care. I went in my kitchen pulled out a bunch of ingredients from the cabninets to make my own version of the recipe. I got a bowl and put about a cup of plain yogurt in the bowl and then put about three spoons of honey in the bowl ant then mixed it together. I then added in about two teaspoons of coconut extract and began stirring again. I knew I should add something else too but I wasnt sure what so I went to the cabinet and got out a chamomile tea bag. I cut the bag open and poured the contents of the tea bag into the bowl I then began to stir. I then got out a spoon and patted the bag of it in the mix and rubbed it on my face. After that I continued to do the same until my face was covered in the mix. I then began to massage the mix into my face I massaged it into my face for about five mintues then I went into the bathroom and washed off the mix with a clean rag and cool water. after I dryed my face I felt it and realized it was a bit oily so I washed my face with a gentle cleanser I dryed my face again and felt it again and it was oil free so I looked in the mirror and I was shocked byy how drasticly my pores had closed I was amazed. So I suggest to everyone instead of getting an expensive facial go natural and follow this recipe its less expensive and is part of the going green plan.