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"Crowdsourcing" is a farily new term that, essentially, means the tapping of potential in a group in order to perform work and tasks that might normally be contracted out to traditional-type workers. CloudCrowd is a company founded by Jordan Ritter and Elex Edelstein that uses the croudsourcing concept in order to outsource work they receive from clients through their software platform on Facebook. With a relatively simple interface, workers use the CloudCrowd Facebook "app" to access the program to complete work, invite friends through their referral system, or overview their earnings.

Currently, there have been four paying "tasks" available, ranging from a payscale of $0.03-$2.00 per completed task. Mirroring a similar program, Amazon's Mechanical Turk, the easier and faster tasks, such as grading written text from web sites for spelling and grammar, pay smaller amounts than the editing and rewriting tasks. Perhaps the biggest attraction point for CloudCrowd users is its payment system. For any work completed and approved before 5pm Pacific Standard Time, users are paid on a daily basis with no minimum through PayPal. The daily pay along with the safety of PayPal offers regular reassurances that CloudCrowd does indeed pay. This nearly instant gratification, coupled with its straightforward referral system is what contributed it its exponential growth in userbase since its launch in late September.

The three-tier referral program is like most others for gimicky online paid-to-click and get-paid-to programs, but actually works and generates users additional income. The first level, which is direct referrals a using unique link generated for each user, pays a commission of 10% of the referee's earnings. The second tier (the users referred by one's direct referee) pays 3.5%, and the third tier pays 1.5% commission.

CloudCrowd has proven to be immensely popular with those seeking work-at-home opportunities, but their sudden and enormous growth took the 10-man developing team by surprise, causing a dearth of work in mid-October. Nevertheless, the userbase continued to grow by upwards of 1, 000 users per day, and at the time of publishing, there is a total of 12, 837 usersof the Facebook earning app.

The bottom line is that CloudCrowd, like any new company, is experiencing and learning from its early growing pains, but nevertheless offers a real and unique opporunity for workers to earn real money from their living room couch. To check out CloudCrowd's interface, navigate to http://tinyurl.com/joincloudcrowd