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Clover Field Movie Review

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oliver villegas By oliver villegas on
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Cloverfield is definitely one of the movies you shouldn't miss in the year 2008. It's a movie that's presented from the perspective of a person holding a video recorder. This doesn't bring down it's quality though. On the other hand, it helps to bring the viewer to become part of the movie itself!

Manhattan is suddenly attacked by--- What's that?! Buildings suddenly collapse, the earth shakes, something scuttles in the dark tunnels. Something big, something devastating, but the darkness seems to cloak it. The main characters, instead of running away from this unknown threat, have to go straight to it because one of their friends got trapped and is immobile in her hotel room.

Chaos and panic erupt among the people of Manhattan. The military fights back against this abomination, but nothing seems to work.

In a time where special effects and computer generated graphics have gone to the next level, Cloverfield definitely takes it to a different level with great storyline and presentation combined that I can only find in this movie. This movie is not only cool, it's very absorbing.

Get the DVD. You won't regret it.