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kilraven By kilraven on
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I've got to start off by saying I love board games and card games. If you despise those as forms of entertainment then don't bother reading any further, let alone purchase this game. This game is very similar to the touch screen game machines one might find in a bar or club, so if those appeal to you then this will, too.

The game contains numerous card games, from stud poker to old maid to solitaire, as well as classic board games (e.g. checkers, backgammon, etc., ) and coordination games (e.g. darts, bowling, etc., ). These can be played by selecting a specific game through the menu screen, or play mission-based game where you need to accrue three points during a challenge game to move on to the next - those points are based on how well you placed in each game. Many of these can be played with others via wireless single or multi-card play, or by connecting to Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection - this, of course, requires a wireless internet like a home-based wireless router or Wi-Fi hotspot (some McDonald's have them now).

The controls, for the most part, work well; however, there is are instances where you're forced to do as the game wishes and not you. For example, during Rummy the game can force you play a set (or run) without giving you a choice, it doesn't happen often, but it does occur. Other games, specifically the coordination games, may feel awkward playing; as if the DS' touchscreen isn't large enough for the motion needed for accuracy - not a jab at the DS by any means.

Multiplay is a blast and allows for up to eight players in some games. The DS to DS multiplayer is easy to set-up, has little lag, and works as well as a game should. Going through the Wi-Fi Connection is a slightly different creature. Connecting, while not as easy as DS to DS, is simple and quick enough. Finding an opponent(s), on the other hand, is a pain. There's not enough on the network, and those that are tend to congregate to the newest release. Once you've found an opponent(s), it's no different than single/multi-card play.

Even with some of the flaws, this is another must-have game for the DS. Generally, I play a few nights a week with my wife, for maybe a half hour or so each session. Most games are short, but never felt lacking. Overall, a great game for the DS.