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Clue Board Game

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cybeeb By cybeeb on
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Clue is one of those games you never get tired of. You need at least three people to play. You have a deck of clue cards, characters, weapons and rooms. You seperate the three categories and shuffle. Then you pick one card from each category and without looking you put them in an envelope and put it under the game board. Then you shuffle the three sets of cards together and deal them all out to the players. All players start in their own spaces on the board. On your turn you roll the dice and move wherever you want. The only restriction is you can not be on the same board space twice in one turn. You can however go in and out of a room on the same turn if you have enough dice movement. Once you are in a room you make a guess (Miss Scarlett with the wrench in the kitchen). You must be in the room that you are asking about. Then the person on your left has to show you a card if they have one. If they don't have one then you go to the next person and so on. If no one has a card to show you then that will tell you a clue. One of my favorite strategies is to go into a room and ask for a person and weapon whos card I already have. That way I can eliminate the rooms quicker as they are the hardest of the three to eliminate.

Clue is one of my favorite games. I never get tired of playing it and I highly recommend it to everyone who likes to play board games.