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Cobra Micro Talk 2 Way Radio Keeps Us Connected

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Some years ago on a trip to Disneyworld with my sister and her family we had quite a group to keep track of. Adults and little kids went one way while some of the older kids went in another direction. Since not everyone had a cell phone back then, each family purchased a set of 2-way radios to keep in contact with each other when we were separated.

What we decided to buy was the Cobra Microtalk FRS 220 2-Way Radio Set, which was recommended by one of our neighbors. He used them to keep track of his kids when they were out camping on the weekends, and it's always nice to get the scoop from someone who actually owns an item.

Some of the features of this Cobra Microtalk set of radios are:

Up to a 2-mile range of communication: I don't think we were ever two miles apart from each other and it would depend on location, buildings, trees, hills, etc. which might change that range a bit.

14 channels/static free: We might have had 14 channels but some had more traffic than others. Make sure to decide between the persons carrying the 2-way radios what channel to talk on and alternative channels to use. Overall, we only had a few problems with some people thinking it was funny to answer our calls. There is a privacy setting to avoid this which we discovered after the first couple of days, and after going back through the manual.

SuperFlex antenna: When carrying this on your belt or in your pocket the antenna moves with you so need to worry about it breaking or stabbing you somewhere.

Roger beep confirmation code: This feature lets whoever has the other radio know when I'm finished talking and that it's OK for them to talk to me without cutting me off.

Backlit LCD: Unless you are standing in direct sunlight, the LCD screen is very easy to read when checking what channel you are on or if the battery is getting low. The LCD screen is especially helpful in the evening when it gets dark.

Belt Clip: Included with our radios was a belt clip for each one which made it very easy to be hands free when walking at any busy location.

I'm in no way an expert on 2-way radios, but the instruction manual was very clear about how to use the radios, and we let the kids play with them for a few weeks to get the hang of using them. Each radio takes (4) AAA batteries to work. They are a charcoal grey color with silver accents. We were very pleased with these Cobra radios and they let us enjoy our Disney trip without worrying about losing someone. We had two cars so using them while driving was another great option as Disney is not some small park and traffic can be unbelievable at times.

We all have cell phones now but I pulled the radios out the other day, put in fresh batteries and tried them out with my hubby while walking around the block. They still work, no cell phone bill either!!