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Cobra Starship Viva La Cobra!

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In the song "Guilty Pleasure, " Cobra Starship's lead singer Gabe Saporta says "I came here to make you dance tonight." And that he does! This is a super-catchy pop album, full of pop tunes and a startling amount of bitterness. On the surface, it's a colorful, vaguely 80's-inspired album full of cheerful tunes doomed to get stuck in your head. Scratch the surface a little, though, and you'll notice that the lyrics are a vicious indictment of fame and ... well, the kind of people who make pop music. Seriously, one of the lines that keeps getting stuck in my head? "The city is at war, bless the young and rich with designer drugs and designer friends." It's catchy, but damn.

Lots of synthy goodness going on, thanks to the band's keytar (!) player. The guitars are tricked out pretty nicely too. Instrumentation is generally competent, and very listenable. The lead singer's got a decent enough voice, and there's some awesome backup vocals scattered throughout care of Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy (who produced the entire album, actually).

The most vicious indictment of Hollywood (or New York, or wherever)'s celebrity culture comes in on the track Paparazzi. There's songs like "Damn You Look Good and I'm Drunk, " too. Overall, there's a lot of parallels done between seeking fame and attention, and selling yourself. There are a few less spiteful songs scattered throughout, too, though; notably "One Day, Robots Will Cry." I can see that one going on a mixtape or two.

There's just something really satisfying in imagining trashy kids in clubs dancing to these songs, even while they're being called out for their shallow behavior. What's awesome is, there's really a lot there for those kids to enjoy anyway. You can go about listenig to this album a couple different ways, which is always nice. It's not TOTALLY shallow.