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My hubby and I recently took a trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. When I booked our flight and resort online, it gave me the option to purchase ground transportation from the airport to the resort. There was only one company option, so I decided to buy it to make the trip easier once we got to the island. Coco Tours was the only company we could choose from at the time.

When we arrived at the Punta Cana airport, we were taken to a small booth mixed within a bunch of other company booths. So online we could only choose Coco Tours, but at the airport there would have been many different companies to choose from. I wish I would have known that before!

I was happy at first because we were taken to a big charter bus in the middle of all these little rindy-dink busses. I thought it was going to be a great quick ride. Boy was I wrong! When we got on the bus, it stunk! The chairs were comfortable, but it looked like the bus was from the 70's. The only good thing is that the air condition was on and felt really good.

There were only about 12 people on our big bus, but everyone was going to a different resort. I didn't realize that and no one told us we were going to stop at about 5 different resorts before we got to ours. Online, it said it was a quick 35 minute drive from the airport to our resort. WRONG! Maybe if we went straight to our resort! It was a HORRIBLE 2 hour drive!

At that time I was 3 and a half month pregnant. I was over all my typical sickness, but this ride brought it back out. First, the bus was so big that we hit EVERY bump and pothole on the road. It bounced us around like crazy. The drivers try and avoid the bad parts of the road, but the roads are so bad they really can't. Our driver was swerving all over the road trying to avoid holes, which made us sway really bad too.

Second, I swear our driver didn't know how to drive a manual transmission! He was jerking the bus forward and back really hard. That mixed with the stop and go traffic and all the bumps...bad combination. I ended up vomiting on the bus twice!

The driver didn't speak a word of English either. When we stopped at one of the resorts, my hubby got off the bus and had to find someone to translate for him. He told the driver I was sick and had vomited. The driver said "This is my last run for the day. Just leave it and move to another part of the bus. The next guy will have to clean it up." NICE!

The next day we had to meet with a representative from Coco Tours to set up our pick-up time for when we were leaving. He then tried to get up to buy more tour packages from them for while we were there, but I said no way! He understood I was pregnant and even said he wouldn't suggest we do anything outside of the resort!

Even thought we didn't do any of their main tours, we did have to use Coco Tours to get to and from the airport. Just by this alone I would not suggest every using them!

Update On Jun 13, 2008: I just wanted to add that the buses, the drivers, and the roads we took are the same ones they use when they take people on their other tours. So even though we only used them as ground transportation to the resort and airport, we did get a tour of the other resorts and countryside. Because these buses, drivers, and roads are all the same no matter what you are doing with the company, I don't suggest doing ANY tours with them!

Also, I was not the only person on our bus to get sick from the ride. Another lady looked like she was about to physically get sick also. She was quite pale and looked just as bad as I knwo I felt!