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Coconut Lime Verbena Wall Flowers

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I love Bath & Body Works! But, I don't like really strong flowery and perfumey fragrances for my house. Not only that, but my husband would have an absolute cow if I had to much (as he calls it) foo-foo girly smell saturating the place!! These Wallflowers release just a hint of fragrance!


Bath and Body Works Desciption of the fragrance is - fresh coconut, lime and fragrant verbena, warmed by vanilla and musk.

When I first saw the fragrance I thought to myself...yuck!COCONUT LIME??EEEWW!!..until I sniffed it! You would think that with the coconut this would be a tropical suntan oil smelling product..well I don't think you get more than just a hint of coconut, none of the individual scents listed stand out or over shadow each other. All I can say is that they have this perfectly blended and balanced! I would describe this as a clean and refreshing scent.NOT perfumey or heavy. It's a very light fragrance so i don't recommend it if you are looking to cover up odors with it.It just adds a little extra touch to the feel of your home. It's so hard to describe the actual scent, so if you haven't checked it out yet...give it a sniff next time you are in a Bath & Body Works store!

These Wallflowers are just a plug in oil warmer...but I think that they offer better scents than you would find at a regular store.

So when I bought these I bought the "Starter Kit" which includes 1 plug in fragrance bulb warmer and 1 (.8floz) fragrance bulb. I also bought a bulb replacement, this has 2 bulbs per package.I paid $6.00 each for both the Starter kit and the pack of replacement bulbs. They were on sale ($6.00) Normal price is $12.50ea. So I suggest buying them on sale! (They go on sale quite often! I usually stock up then).

These are for small to medium size rooms, if you have a larger room you may want 2. Each fragrance bulb lasts about 6-8 weeks.

One weird thing about these is that when you are putting the bulb and the warmer together ( it twists/screws on) the old rule of righty tighty, lefty loosey is completely out the window. You have to twist LEFT to attach the bulb...we just thought that was odd.

I think the basic design of this is cute, the top of the warmer looks like a flower (duh..WALLFLOWERS! LOL!)The only thing that bugs me about this product it that it's kind of bulky! The warmer and the bulb when put together is about 6 inches tall and when plugged in, it sticks out about 3 inches. This may not be a problem for you and wasn't for me at first. However my son started crawling a little over a month ago and these attract his attention. I've had to move them to hidden locations or to higher outlets.


Use only with properly functioning 120-volt outlet. Don't get it in your eyes (I'm not sure how you would actually get it in your eyes ..but ok)Use only where 12 inches of clearance ABOVE the item is available to avoid discoloration to surrounding surfaces, DO NOT USE IN SMALL CONFINED PET AREAS WITHOUT ADEQUATE VENTILATION. Walflowers unit will not opperate properly if plugged in sideways or upside down.

Wallflowers comes in a variety of different fragrances but the Coconut Lime Verbana is the only one I have used.