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Coins.. Coins.. And More Coins..

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Crissy Taruc By Crissy Taruc on
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I do not know how hubby accumulates such plenty of coins with him but all I know is that I must find a right container for those. Hubby keeps it in the van for some petty expenses but it is already overflowing. Since the coins are of different values I do not preferred to buy a big box. Instead I planned to buy a small organizer box that will cater it.

While shopping for some groceries, I decided to drop by at the nearby Handyman Store to look for an organizer box. There are different organizer boxes ranging from small to big ones. I picked this New Look brand a somewhat small organizer box with five partitions perfect for the different values of coins. It is a transparent box that can be easily open and close with a hand in just one click. In that way hubby need not to use both hands to open or close it even while his driving. I grouped the coins per value: the 5 and 10 cents in one box, the 25 cents in another one, each box for the P5 and the P10 while the P1 coin got the biggest space.

After grouping the coins, I am happy with the outcome of it. Hubby need not to sort out the coins he need. I am happy with the presence of this organizer box because this petty issue can be properly organized.