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By glent on
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I hate having colds and the flu. Flu shots give me the flu. No kidding. I'm sick for two weeks if I get a flu shot. I have found the answer to the winter's worst curse. It isn't magic, but until magic comes into (or back to) this world, Cold MD will do the job.

I have to do something to survive the winter. It's not that I'm a sickly sort; far from it. I eat right, get rest and take supplements. I've done that for years. I make sure I'm not overweight or too flabby. Actually I'm quite lazy, but that just means I work hard until I can rest, and then I do so with a vengeance!

I call it "The Last Nasty Winter, " though the weather wasn't all that terrible. The cold that hit in October and lasted until April was not the nasty bit. I spent over eight weeks that winter with some degree of sniffle, cough, fever or digestive problem, or combination thereof. Despite spending wads of money on all the pills, liquids and creams that might work (I even did an old fashioned mustard plaster), one cold after another seemed waiting just around the next bend. Then a friend told me about Cold MD, and gave it a strong recommendation. What the heck? Nothing could have made me feel worse, so I grabbed a box and took a dose before bed.

Not only did I get up the next day, but I felt like a cloud had been lifted - out of my head. By keeping up with the doses (every four hours or so) I was able to handle my day, instead of stumbling through it until I could fall back into bed. I've always said that experts claim the human body is 80% water, "but it's not." (Say that out loud and you'll get it) With Cold MD, I spent a few days with mild symptoms and I was done. The remaining boxes of tissue went unopened. My eyes stopped burning and my cough went quiet, each remaining one putting out incredible quantities of stuff. The cold was gone. With spring right around the corner, I felt I could conquer the world.

Good news, right? Well, that's not the end. A few weeks later, one snotty kid in a shopping cart sneezed at me in the grocery store. Twenty-four hours later and "that tickle" started in my throat. I popped a dose of Cold MD on schedule for three doses and Voila! No cold. No interruption in my life. Not only has it repeatedly made a cold bearable, but this great little pill keeps one from "catching."

What could be in these remarkable caplets? As it turns out, most of the ingredients are old-fashioned herbal symptom remedies and immune system boosters. There are a few flavorings, preservatives and binders, but not nearly as much as there are in prepared foods. There is nothing that everybody can take with absolute safety. Read the label, if you don't already do so for everything you consume. The label warnings are largely for people already taking a prescribed medication or persons who might be at risk due to a medical condition. For the rest of the world, I don't think I've seen a shorter list of precautions in any pharmacy or drug store.

When first introduced, Cold MD was fairly expensive, but even so, I'd fork over twenty dollars for the end of even the mildest cold, much less a full-blown case of the flu. Even finding the product was not easy. Only a very few drug stores and pharmacies stocked it. I can sort of understand. Those caffeine-laden pills and syrupy liquids that are half decongestant and half alcohol aren't going to see a lot of customers once the word gets out on this product. The formula has since been made into a single delicious pill per dose, and it is a fast-dissolving and good tasting caplet. Not only that, but the price has dropped to about half of what it was. How often does that happen in these modern days?

Just pop one in your mouth and let it dissolve. Within half an hour, most of the usual symptoms will disappear, from cough to sniffle to headache to fever. It isn't just me, either. Every single person I've talked into trying "just one more" cold remedy has reported complete success. It has been that way for four solid years . . . no summer colds, no winter sniffles . . . no flu. My bathroom cabinet will NEVER be out of this stuff. I can't say "Thank You" enough.