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Cold Sore Begone!

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I've had a cold the past few weeks and although I don't normally have problems with cold sores - it would stand to reason that as I have a dinner party to attend this upcoming week - I'd be "blessed" with one!

I suffered through for the first few days and as I checked it out the other morning I knew that it wasn't going to disappear quickly and by the 18th? Doubtful. My oldest daughter suggested I buy Lipactin and although I didn't like the price that this little tube cost me, I am impressed with how quickly it has been clearing the cold sore up.

The medication comes in a tiny tube that is only about 2-1/2" in length and the clear liquid gel inside is meant to be put on the cold sore 3 to 6 times per day. When you first put it on the area tingles slightly but no worse than the itching and tingling that persisted a few days prior to the cold sore appearing.

The ingredients include: Heparin Sodium and Zink sulfate and of course you aren't to ingest it - which is a little rough to get away from considering it's directly on the lip area but the small amount involved each time you apply it isn't enough to be considered as "ingested".

Within one day of beginning to use Lipactin my cold sore began to calm down. Today is the 3rd day I'll be using it. I applied this product 6 times the first day - 4 times thereafter and the cold sore has already shown great signs of disappearing. Gone is the swollen area that usually comes with a cold sore, just a small bump exists now. I've used it since Friday afternoon and as I was pretty well out of commission on Saturday with a headache, I've actually only used the Lipactin faithfully for two days or roughly 7 applications! The redness and oozing has stopped completely and by the looks of it I could almost be cold sore free by the time Thursday evening comes along - which is great!

The gel has no taste that I can determine and it leaves a very thin film of protection over the cold sore area which allows the active ingredients to go to work and heal the area - quickly.

Overall this is one very powerful little tube of cold sore medication and I'd recommend it to anyone who might be plagued by these nasty little eruptions - I left my cold sore appear but the medication recommends that you use it on "the first signs of tingling and itching" - if it works as well on the first signs, I would imagine that it would stop the cold sore from even appearing.

Excellent product that is defintely well worth the money!