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I've learned about this band over the internet when one time I was browsing for band music similar to my favorite Switchfoot. Upon reading info about them I decided to give it a try of their music. I bought Coldplay X&Y album tour Edition about 3 years ago. My ‘Tour Edition' copy includes a bonus DVD containing 6 B-side tracks and music videos of X&Y's singles ‘Speed of Sound', Fix You, Talk, and ‘The Hardest Part'.


X&Y is alternative rock band Coldplay's 3rd studio album released on June 2005 in UK and following year tour edition repackage compilation was circulated around Australia, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. The album art cover was in a dark blue colored background and a series of block images on the center. Combination of black/gray/white color blocks on the upper part and some kind of rainbow color combination on the lower portion of blocks which is said to be a representation of a code called Baudot. Anyway, I like the simplicity of the album cover. The leaflet pages also contains band pictures in grayscale combined with a plain background of different color each page. Song lyrics were not included in the leaflets, only the credits of the song.

Coldplay is not the hard rocking band as I was expecting but rather their style of music is more of a lighter and softer alternative rock genre. I find their songs to be easy on the ears. The album contains 12 tracks and a hidden track called ‘Til Kingdom Come' which was not listed on the track list.


1. Square One

Slow pace intro, then instrument gets a bit heavy on the chorus part and acoustic guitar on the end part of the song. Medium beat, average tune.

2. What If

I like the mellow piano tune on the song intro then a notable lead guitar sound on the chorus part. And yah, good vocals for this song.

3. White Shadow

This is medium beat song with electric guitar lead on the intro. I think I like the good rhythm of this song.

4. Fix You

Soft, slow melodic electric piano sound at the beginning of the song building up heavy vocals on the chorus part. I like lead guitar played on the bridge part of this song.

5. Talk

I like the percussive beat opening this song going through a powerful chorus.

6. X & Y

Medium beat tune. This song sounded monotonous, a bit dull to hear. Can't even remember any notable sound from this song.

7. Speed of Sound

Nice beat, good rhythm for easy listening. I begin to like this song upon hearing it couple of times.

8. A Message

I like the acoustic sound on the intro and a heavy instrument accompaniment on the chorus part. I think I probably will like more this song if it's pure acoustic.

9. Low

‘Low' is a medium beat song but again, it sounded the same all throughout the song.

10. The Hardest Part

I like the catchy rhythm. I like this song instantly after hearing it the first time. I also like this song's music video because of its funny footages.

11. Shallowed in the Sea

A smooth vocal on the intro gets heavier on the chorus.

12. Twisted Logic

Another medium beat song with a nice guitar sound and good vocals.

Overall, think I was not really impressed by Coldplay's music for it lacks excitement and some songs sounded dull, bland and boring. But at some point thought there are some memorable songs that I like in this album such as the song ‘The Hardest Part', Fix You and the hidden track ‘Til Kingdom Come'. ‘Til Kingdom Come' is a real good acoustic song with a simple catchy rhythm. I really don't understand why this song has to be hidden. Anyway, X&Y is average album for me. Good to have but not a must-have.