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Colgate Gel Kam Oral Care Rinse

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According to my dentist and periodontist, I am an unusual case. Most of the people she sees either have bad gums with good teeth, or bad teeth with good gums, but I have bad gums that turned into bad teeth when the bad gums were successfully treated. Lately I've been averaging two new cavities every six months when for the first 43 years of my life, I only ever had one cavity.

My dentist decided to start me on a new prescription of Colgate Gel-Kam Oral Care Rinse to kill the bacteria that causes tooth decay and the bacteria that causes gum disease. Colgate Gel-Kam Oral Care Rinse is not a mouthwash, but a concentrated stannous flouride solution. To use it, I just brush my teeth first when I'm ready for bed. Then I pour 1/8 of an ounce of the Colgate Gel-Kam into the provided measuring cup, fill the rest of the 1 ounce cup with water to dilute the solution, and rinse my mouth out with it then spit. Colgate Gel-Kam is as easy to use as my regular mouthwash so that I'll probably keep up with the treatment plan as prescribed, but Colgate Gel-Kam has a very powdery texture, and it tastes more lemony to me than minty. There's no confusing Colgate Gel-Kam with being a mouthwash.