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Colgate Total Whitening Paste

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By matildathehun on
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Colgate Total Whitening Paste is a nice simple option for someone who wants whiter teeth without spending hours mute with trays or strips in their mouth. It promises that if you use it regularly and brush well, you will have whiter teeth in a matter of weeks. I was skeptical about it, but I promise you that this stuff actually works! You will have whiter teeth, even if they are not as glowingly pretty as the ones in the commercials.

It’s pretty easy to use, as it’s just standard toothpaste. The taste can be a little brutal. It’s very minty and very strong. Think about it as if you were brushing your teeth with an Altoid. It actually makes your tongue burn a little. However, your mouth will feel incredibly clean and taste good for hours afterwards, so it’s not such a bad experience. But man, is it a pain to get used to.

As for the whiter teeth, you will notice it yourself in a couple of weeks. It actually caught me by surprise one morning. You really will notice that your teeth are a couple shades brighter. It’s nothing terribly dramatic. If your teeth are dead brown, you might be out of luck. But if you (like me) enjoy a morning tea or coffee and deal with the enamel stains that come with it, Colgate is providing an easy and low-maintenance way to try and brighten your smile back up. A warning: if you stop using it, your teeth will go back to the way they were in a matter of weeks. It isn’t a permanent system.

Overall, I am pleased with this product. It made my smile a little brighter and it was pretty easy to deal with. If you can get past the taste, you’ll see good results.