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Colgate's Wisp Minibrush

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I was watching TV recently when I saw a product advertised and I thought now that’s a great idea. The commercial was for Colgate’s New Wisp Mini Brush with Freshening Bead. How many times have you been away from home at work, school or anywhere where brushing one’s teeth was not convenient? Well now there is a product for you.

Colgate’s Wisp mini brush is a small 3 ½ inch tooth brush. The difference between it and a regular toothbrush is that Colgate’s Wisp has no toothpaste on it. Instead it’s a small brush with a little bead in the center of the brush. Anytime you need to brush your teeth and you can’t get to a real toothbrush you just take one these out and brush your teeth with it. There is no need for water or toothpaste. This little brush will help brush away food and the little bead freshens your breath. The Colgate Wisp comes in spearmint, peppermint and cinnamint. These little brushes have a pick on the other end of them to help remove food. They come individually sealed so they are easy to carry and they stay clean.

Even though I thought this product was a good idea I had my doubts about it. However, when I saw them in the store and they only cost 1.97 for a package of four minibrushes I thought I would try them. I must say I was surprised. These little minibrushes do a good job and they do have a good taste. I’d tried the cinnamint and I must say they are a little hot as cinnamon flavored products generally are but the flavor was good.

Of course, these are no substitute for real brushing of the teeth but if you’re away from home these are very handy.