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Collection Company Of America

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By joey on
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I have been toying about writing this review for sometime now. After mulling it all over I decided to go ahead with this. This Collection Company Of America was after someone who owed a debt to the federal government. The person had taken out a student loan and of course defaulted on it and at present is still avoiding his debts and fleeing all over the country.

It all started with getting mail at my address about a debt I did not owe. Despite the fact that I sent them a certified letter and even called them explaining that they had the wrong person they persisted in harassing me for almost an entire year. Despite the fact that the social security number of the guy they were after did not match mine nor did the middle name on they went with this perhaps thinking I would give in and pay someone elses debt. They thought wrong.

I even made additional attempts to talk with them to try and make them see reason but of course they said they did not believe me. I finally contacted and filed a complaint with the banking commission that governs their activities, complained to the federal trade commission, contacted Clark Howard a consumer advocate with a nationwide radio show as well as the Attorney Generals office.

So as you can see I was an unwilling part of their service but I came to realize that if I ever needed the help of such a company to collect on a debt I sure would not want them. They mignt again chase the wrong person needlessly. A bad waste of time and resources as well as very poor research on their part.

I also wrote a letter to the United States Dept. Of Education explaining the situation to them. They fortunately had some common sense and realized that I was not their man. This experience made me really wonder just how these collection companies do their research to track people down. Remember folks, if its not your debt and a collection company will not listen to reason don't be afraid to complain to the appropriate places. :)