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Colloidal Silver Concentrate: Antiseptic

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poshpost By poshpost on
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It is very handy to have Colloidal Silver Concentrate by Formor International at home. It is an antiseptic and disinfectant. We have that at home because my family is a believer of Formor International products.

Anyway, the Colloidal Silver Concentrate is so concentrated at 20ppm so it can be diluted. We use it to dress wounds and even take it orally to treat bacterial infections like cough and colds. It is not prescribed by mainstream medicine so it may be well considered as an alternative medicine. But I classified it as first aid supply because for us, its function is mainly that. It is a very good part of our home's first aid kit because of its many uses.

There are many other medical uses of colloidal silver concentrate, but we don't have need for it yet, thankfully, and so far, we use it externally for wounds and just for common colds and cough in order to cleanse the airways of bacteria.

It comes in a handy 4 oz bottle so we can take it anywhere and just dilute it with purified water.

It is quite expensive though. Although I did not buy it, I am aware that it costs $48 for such a small bottle. Although it lasts a long time, you really have to shell out that much on your purchase.