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By mikeys-thoughts on
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This documentary talks about the problem with massive amounts of honeybees that are dieing. It also explain the death of the bees effects on the food supply and what could be causing it to occur.

3 Reasons For High Food Prices

Most people can agree on that food prices are very high considering how bad the economy is. People can say that all the money being printed is the cause of high food prices. People can also say that the rise of countries with improving economies is another reason for higher food prices. What many probably don't think of as a reason for higher food prices is honey bees that are dieing at alarming rates(also known as Colony Collapse Disorder). Since pollination by the honey bee is necessary for much of the food supply to grow, honeybees is are probably the most valuable insect to humans.

Disagreements I Have With People In the Documentary

The beekeepers in the documentary talk about how much it's going to cost to research the causes of Colony Collapse Disorder. In my opinion the people who are wanting to find a reason of why so many bees are dieing are moving forward too much and not looking back at what could be the root cause of the problem. One of the beekeepers said the only thing he could recall that was different before the bees started dieing was the farmers had changed insecticides. Shouldn't the changing of insecticides be examined before making the situation more complicated? Why not just go back to the original insecticide before the bees started dieing and see if they no longer die? Strangely, I heard of no such idea to see if that would solve the problem. The people in the documentary seem more interested in answering how the chemicals are killing the bees instead of knowing which chemicals actually kill the bees.


The chemicals in the insecticides that I think are probably killing the bees may not be killing them. I look at news headlines such as many dead birds falling from the sky as well as many fish suddenly dieing. Are all these possibly linked to the massive amounts of bees that are dieing? If that's the case then the problem is much broader and unexplainable.


It's a good documentary to help raise awareness about a serious issue.

It shows the struggles of a family in the beekeeping business as they deal with Colony Collapse Disorder.


If you're looking for a good amount of excitement and entertainment then this documentary isn't for you.