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Color Coverage

Reviewing: Dark And Lovely Soft Sheen*Carson Fade Resistant Rich Conditioning Color  |  Rating:
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This review is in regards to color coverage and keratin glue extensions.

Normally I use L'Oreal Feria Starry Night I prefer the blue/black color, but recently I ran across a problem. After having had bleached my hair out to a light blonde and had highlighted parts of it with punky colors. My hairdresser was about to weave in 17 inch extensions using Keratin glue. In an attempt to get my hair back to it's preexisting color I dyed my hair using Feria and my hairdresser put the extensions in. After the first shampooing my natural hair started faded (majorly) and by the time I had washed it 4 times it was a blue/grey/green color. My hair is so short on top so the faded area started to look ridiculous after a while. There wasn't much I could do so I tucked and pinned the hair while the color keep fading and just tried not to wash it too much. Last week I decided I couldn't take it anymore. I needed to try to at least mat a little bit of color on the top of my head. My hairdresser told me she would just glue my extensions back in if they fell out. I told her I would try not to get it on the glue which turned out to be nearly impossible. Instead of using Feria I picked up Dark And Lovely SoftSheen*Carlson Fade-Resistant Color with moisture seal technology. I applied the color and accidentally got it on the glue. I left it on for 15 minutes. I have not washed it enough to know if it will last longer than the Feria, but I do know that I have only lost one extension. This hair dye was gentle and the odor was extremely light compared to other hair dyes I have used. The color blends well and it covered the blue/grey like a charm.