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cybeeb By cybeeb on
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Coloretto is a card game where players draw a card and place it in one of three rows. After all rows have three cards in them the player must choose a row to take. But, at any time before the rows are filled up a player may take a row. There are seven different colors, eight plus two cards, two jokers (wild cards). Each player starts the game by taking two cards of different color and laying them face up in front of them. When you draw a card (either a card of color, a plus two card or joker) you try to place it in a row where it will help you and hinder somebody else. When you first set up the game you deal fifteen cards face down and then put a special card down that marks the end of the round. Then you place the remaining cards in the deck on top of that stack. When you get to the card that marks the end of the round then you finish your turn and then add up your score. You only score the three colors of cards that you have the most of. After that any cards you have of different colors, count against you. The player with the highest score wins.

This was a quick and easy game to learn but very addictive. We played five games the first night we got it. It takes about thirty minutes to play a game and is for three to five players. There are special rules for two players.

Overall this could fast become a favorite game. I would have to say I highly recommend this game!