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Colorite 75 Ft. Continuous Flow Garden Hose

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derwood By derwood on
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When we moved into our house, I spent the first couple of weeks figuring out and accumulating all of the household supplies I thought that I might need in the future. One of the items that I knew I wanted was a good garden hose, so I set out to buy one.

I took a look at several of the local mega-marts and home improvement stores, before I found the Colorite Continuous Flow garden hose and decided that was the one I'd buy. When I got it home I hooked it up, loaded into the new hose reel that I bought, and I tested it out.

As far as hoses are concerned, I guess this one performs as well as any that I've ever used. The connectors at the ends are high quality, and do not have any problems with leaks. Where this hose really shines, though, is when it is kinked, or bent at an extreme angle. While most normal hoses could not allow any water to flow, this one keeps the water coming. This is great in my case, as our hose reel has to sit at an odd angle, and there is a fence that the hose must bend around, in order to stretch to where I need it. This results in some extreme bends and occasional kinks in the hose, but they have never caused us any problems.

So far I've had the hose for over a year, and it's gone through all four seasons with no cracking or leaks. Based on the way it looks, I have no doubt that it will last for several years to come. It did cost a little bit more than the cheaper hoses in the store, but I think it was worth it.