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Colour Rescue When Only White Specks Will Do

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lexxia By lexxia on
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Wow, my hair looked so shiny after shampooing and conditioning it one day that I really had to wonder whether or not I wanted to add more 'gloss' to it. I'd just used a new team of hair products and really liked the results I was left with, but I wanted it to stay that way for the day and although normally I don't put anything on my hair other than BioSilk to flat iron it, I decided to give the new Colour Rescue hairspray I'd just gotten, a try.

The purple can holds 300ml/10 US oz and is a pretty hefty size, I could see this lasting me for some time. After using it I am now positive that it will last a very, very long time. The label indicates the hairspray is fast drying finishing spray for "vibrant hold, silkiness and healthy shine". Holding the can in my hand, ready to see just how great this stuff worked, I spritzed.

The first indications that this spray wasn't all it was suppose to be was when the nozzle popped off the can and flew across my bathroom landing unceremoniously on the floor just outside the door. Well, now, that wasn't suppose to happen. Obviously the cap had come loose in shipping? Go, retrieve it, pop it back in place and try this again. This time the nozzle didn't fly quite as far, but still far enough to make this little endeavor a 'rescue' alright, of the annoying kind.

I got the nozzle back in place and figured I'd give this one more shot and if I couldn't manage to spray it properly, it was going back to the store. Third time the charm? The nozzle stayed put and I carefully sprayed what I expected to be a clear, hardly noticeable spritz over my hair.

Hmmm, was I seeing things? My hair actually didn't look any shinier, if anything it looked 'cloudy', how odd. Taking a closer look towards the mirror I could see little whitish specks...all over my hair! Not wanting to jump to conclusion just yet, I figured perhaps it was because it was not yet dry. When I touched my hair it was no longer the silky mass it had been before I made the decision to take the shine to the 'max'. Instead, it felt pretty stiff, dotted with dull white specks that looked as though I'd just been through a dust storm.

I brushed my hair hoping to 'rescue' my pre-spray shine but on investigation I could still see white specks clinging like foreign objects that had no intention of letting go. Meanwhile my husband was waiting patiently downstairs for me to get ready and when it comes to him and shopping, it's something he likes to get done quickly and sitting around waiting for his wife to make herself presentable just doesn't seem to make sense. He often says he doesn't know why I have to take so long to get ready. To hear him tell it, I could go out shopping as soon as I got out of bed in the morning and still look great (only to him though I'm sure). Usually when he says that I just pat him on the cheek and say 'aw, thank you dear' and then run up and spend some time making myself less scary to others.

This spray was a disaster! I don't know if it was a defective can I purchased or if this is how this product actually works for everyone but the only way to repair it was to wash my hair again. A few weeks later I decided to investigate this product again. This time however I had no where to be and I'd purposely left my hair unwashed for the day. After brushing, I popped the top off the can and held my finger to the nozzle. One spray, two spray...no nozzle pop off this time. That was a good thing. I looked at my hair and that's where the 'hurray' ended. Still, white stuff! No shine, just dull, terrible looking specks everywhere!

I've used hairspray before that I've paid $1.99 for and have gotten far better results. It shouldn't be called "Colour Rescue" but rather "Colour Destroy" because that's the only thing it seemed to be able to do well.

I haven't contacted the manufacturer yet to find out whether this is just a bad can of the product but I'm not going to run out to the store any time soon to pick up a replacement either. Poor experience and as it sits, definitely not worth picking up.

Update On Jul 16, 2008: July 16/08: Not impressed with the customer service thus far. When I had a problem with a Goody brush awhile ago the response was same day...not so with this company -- will leave it til Fri (17th) then I'll be contacting them again (and I even mentioned that overall I loved their products!) Perhaps the person who handles such issues is away...we'll see

Update On Jul 30, 2008: July 30, 2008: I realize this was left unresolved. I am emailing Lacoupe once more (3rd time) My daughter dropped the can in my bathroom garbage today with "THAT, ruined THIS!" and she pointed to her freshly washed & uncharacteristically dull dusty looking hair, "and THAT is where THAT belongs!" and walked out. I'm emailing this review link to the Company...seriously, is this product REALLY suppose to make freshly washed normally shiny hair terribly dull and dusty looking? Simple question should be able to get a simple answer. I'll reserve passing further judgment to allow Lacoupe to come to their product and their customer relations defense. Stay tuned. ;)

Update On Jul 30, 2008: July 30, 2008: I extended the opportunity to Lacoupe to visit this review and I am hoping they will accept so I will be able to put a positive update to this review at last. I'll update it for the final time, response or not, on Sat Aug 2, day before I leave for a full weeks worth of R&R. Would really like to start the week off with a positive spin to this. We'll see. :)

Update On Aug 14, 2008: August 14-2008: Believe it or not folks, I finally received a response from Lacoupe!!! Not bad, only took awhile...not much additional to report other than they are looking into the Batch number for the product to determine if others have been a problem. Should they get back to me further I'll post their response, thus far it's basically the 'sorry you had a problem, we aren't aware of any defects with the product'...we'll see where it leads to. I'll update if further info develops.