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Columbia Interchange Jacket

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I have always loved Columbia jackets. From the look, to the durability, to the effectiveness...I have always thought nothing but the highest for the company. This Christmas I received a 3-in-1 interchangeable Columbia jacket. It is a good jacket, but it does have some things I don't like.


Effectiveness- This jacket has 2 layers to keep you warm. The inside is a fleece lined neoprene jacket with a faux fur collar. The outside jacket is a lighter, waterproof shell. Together, these jackets keep you warm from the cold and protected from the wind and rain.

Lots of Features- This jacket has LOTS of pockets! No matter if you have the two jackets together or are only wearing one at a time, you always have 2 outside zip pockets and 2 inside deep pockets.

The jacket is well fitted for a woman's body for nice style and to keep the warmth close to the body. There are three ways to wear this jacket...both layers zipped together, just the inside shell, or just the outside shell. It also has a detachable hood.

When the jackets are together, it makes a double zipper that you can unzip a little at the bottom to adjust for sitting positions. Also, the wrists of the outside jacket are adjustable with velcro.


Zipper- When you have the two jackets together, it is somewhat hard to get the zipper started. You have to get both of the pulls lined up and the other side in there just right. It can be very frustrating.

Hard to clean- I have a 2-toned light blue jacket and have had to be very careful not to get anything on it. Even though the outside shell looks like it would wipe clean fairly easy, this is not the case. I have light stains from dropping a little fast food on it, dirt, and a light pen mark that I just can't get off! I've even tried the Tide To Go pen immediately after something happens. I'm sure a darker color would hide stains more.

Hard to put on- I have found that you can not wear this jacket with bulky clothes such as sweatshirts. I'm sure you can if you get a jacket that is a size too big for you. Also, it is hard to get the jacket on with long sleeves. The under jacket has tight elastic wrists that push and bunch your sleeves up. You have to hold your shirt and wiggle your arms down the sleeves. Once you get it on though, it is very comfortable.