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Combat Arms

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Combat Arms is an incredible Free To Play first person shooter, developed by Nexon, the same company that created Maple Story. While the game may not seem much compared to the Call Of Duty series, Crysis, or other expensive games, it stands in my opinion as the best free first person shooter available. It boasts quick and thourough upgrades that always satisfy the demands of customers, and consists of a safe and fun game enviroment for players of all types.

While constantly being upgraded, the game has good to satisfactory video and image quality, along with 3D gameplay. It runs surprisingly smoothly on lower-end systems, and has a complete list of customizable options to fit most computer's needs.

For those concerned about maturity levels for children, it has a useful feature that can turn off blood effects. In addition, the game has a built in profanity filter that succeeds in blocking nearly all mature language. This feature is default and cannot be switched off.

Nexon constantly and quickly updates the content of the game, adding exiting new maps and weapons, all of which customizable. They are always open to suggestions and do a great job of supporting their community.

While their website clan support is not top notch, in game clans are efficiently utilized. A server is dedicated to clan battles, and clan members can easily communicate and organize clan wars with the messenger system. All clan battles are ranked, and scores are kept in the system. While clan websites are not yet supported, they are expected soon.

The Nexon Messenger allows users to easily and quickly build up a friend list and organize matches with friends. In addition to the ability to communicate through the messenger, friends can join eachother's games or even invite eachother to game rooms. This proves quite usefull, and elminates the need to search throughout servers for friends.

Overall, this game is a definite download, and definitely worth the cost (free). While a few minor upgrades need to be made, Combat Arms well exceeds its claim as one of the best Free First Person Shooters on the web.