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Combat Like A True Mercenaries

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Mechwarrior4 Mercenaries is entry in the genre category Action Simulation and the rate class is T (Teen), ESRB Content Descriptors: Violence.

This game has told about the mission of the mercenaries who combat uses engine a robot combat in which a Mechwarrior. To play this game you have to install first. After the install is complete, then you can play this game.

Beginning the game you direct entry Roster mode. Here, you must select a New Game to choose the sponsor who you want to join. Provided four sponsors to select like; Kell Hounds, Gray Death, Northwind Highlanders and Wolf’s Dragoons.

After that you can press Start Game and enter the Main Menu. In Main Menu, there are several modes like; Training, Instant Action, Campaign, Multiplayer, MechLab, Roster and Options.


Before conducting a mission, should you enter the training mode, because you can learn how to control the 'Mech. In this mode you will teach on how to operate a 'Mech, take a maneuver, take a zoom, and how to use weapons.


In this mode you free to choose your mission. Before playing this mode, you can choose combat alone or choose reinforcement. Provided three of reinforcement which cans you set in the skill and type of ‘Mach that will be used.

Then you can also select the Action Type like: Mission Play, Training and the Wave. Then you’re free to choose the Map. There are many Maps in here, based on the planet where the mission is implemented, like:

Eaton planet:

Merc Alley, Governor’s Mansion, Bandit Hideaway, Revolution, Merc Alley A and B.

Halloran V planet:

Offshore, Check point, Escort, Industry Raid, Offshore A and B.

New Exford planet:

Jungle Reacon, Strom Patrol, Beach Fight and Backstab.

Styk planet:

Reinforcement, Peace Talks, Evaluation and Assassination.

Hesperus II planet:

Escort, Raid, Assault, stealth, ‘Mech Works attack and defense.

Talon planet:

Blackout, Night Op, Moonlight, ‘Mech Works and ‘Mech Work Defense.

Wernke planet:

Country life.

Tharkad planet:

Overlord and Resupplay.

New Avalon planet:

Space part and hackers Run.

Include Championship game like:


Light, Medium, Heavy, Assault and Championship.


Light, Medium, Heavy, Assault and Championship.


Light, Medium, Heavy, Assault and Championship.

After that you can choose the level of difficulty in this mode, like: Regular, Recruit, Veteran and elite. Then select the time of day: Day or Night. You can also set up 'your ‘Mech in this mode in MechLab. In MechLab there are some features to set up you’re 'Mech like:

Chassis set up.In this set up, you can choose New’Mech in here. There is several types 'Mach in here, like:

Argus, Atlas, Awsome, Black Knight, Bushwacker, Catapult, Chimera, Cougar, Daishi, Fafnir, Flea, Gladiator, Hauptmann, Hellhound, Hellspawn, Loki, Longbow, Mad cat, Mad cat Mark II, Mauler, Nova cat, Osiris, Owens, Puma, Raven, Ryoken, Shadow cat, Sunder, Templar, Thanatos, Thor, Uller, Uziel, Victor, Vulture and Wolfhound.

You can give your ‘Mach name as you wish. Set up Camouflage with 41 type of choose. Set up the Component like: ECM, Beagle Active Probe (BAP), Jump Jets, LAMS, Enhanced Option, IFF Jammer and Advanced Gyro adjust the Tons. And also setup Heat Sinks and Top Speed (KPH) before setting the next category.


There are three types in the weapon, such as:

Beam Weapon.

Large, Medium and Small Laser; ER Large, ER Medium and ER Small Laser; Large, Medium and Small Pulse; Large, Medium and Small X-Pulse; ER Large, ER Medium and ER Small Pulse; PPC, ER PPC, Flamer, Clan Flamer.


AC5, 10, 20; LBX AC10, 20; Clan LBX AC10, 20; Rotary Autocannon2, 5; Ultra AC2, 5 10, 20; Light Gauss Rifle; Gauss Rifle; Heavy Gauss Rifle; Clan Gauss Rifle; Machine Gun Array; Clan Machine Gun Array and Long Tom Artillery.


LRM5, 10, 15, 20; Clan LRM5, 10, 15, 20; MRM10, 20, 30, 40; CSMRM10, 20, 30, 40; SRM2, 4, 6; CSTRK2, 4, 6; Arrow IV Cluster; Arrow IV Thunderbolt; Narc Beacon; Clan Narc Beacon; Flare Launcher and Artillery Beacon.

All adjusted to the weight capacity that is capable of take by ‘Mach.


There are three types Armor, such as:

Ferro Fibrous.

Standard armor used to protect a ‘Mech. It weighs less than laser reflective and reactive armor, but takes up more space on a ‘Mech.


Reactive armor weighs more than Ferro Fibrous, but is more effective against ammunition-type weapon.


Reflective armor weighs more than Ferro Fibrous armor, but is more effective against laser beam weapon.


In this mode, you will play from the lowest level. With the capital in your account balance of 6, 500, 000 and will increase if you can complete a mission. Each you can finish the mission with either; you will get a payment that you can check the Account Information. The money you earn can be used in the Free Market to buy the Personnel reinforcement for you, upgrade your 'Mach with purchase equipment and weapons. Once it is enough, you can start implementing the mission with select menu Star Systems.

In the Star Systems, you can select the system where the employer of the planet will need support to a mission and how much it paid. After that, you can Jump to the planet and complete the mission.


In this mode, you can play with other players online computer between 2-16 with a max player and you can set a filter in the game server by selecting the game type; Battle, Team Battle, Destruction, Team Destruction, Mission Play, Custom Battle and Custom Team Battle.


Controller this game can use Keyboard, Mouse and Joystick. For Keyboard, here are some standard controls that can be used:

For Turn Left or Right use a Num 4 or 6.For Pitch Torso Up, Down, Left or Right use a Num 2, 8, 7 or 9.For Accelerate use = and Deccelerate use -.For Fire Weapon use Enter.For Toggle Zoom Window use Num 0.For Order Lance mate 1 use F1.

OVERALL OPINION.This game is very good and very fun to play in, many missions that can take us on adventures in battle. Graphic quality is also very good because it can show a good image. I highly recommend this game for the fans who love the game, especially with the games combat system. You certainly will be interested when played this game.

CAUTION. For the gamer or the parent, always note the rate class before buying. Customize with your child's age. Because as long as my knowledge, many games that are only entertaining but not educate. So, all depends on your control.

By Agus47