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Combat Source Kill Ants

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Rae Hall By Rae Hall on
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With the arrival of spring comes the problem of getting rid of ants. Some years it's the small ones and other years is the slightly larger black ants. Having cats and dogs and occasionally kids around means we don't want to use any harsh chemicals or sprays. I would rather not have cans of bug spray lying around either for the kids to get their hands on.

While shopping for a safer solution, I found Combat Source Kill for ants. This is a box that contains six ant traps which the box refers to as bait stations. They are actually little plastic discs that ants walk into and eat the bait inside and then carry back some to their colonies where other ants eat it and die too.

These are advertised to be easy to use, child resistant and to have no fumes or odor. They are suppose to last 3 months.

Warning: just because these are suppose to be child resistant doesn't mean they are so I would advise keeping them away from children and putting them in areas where children and pets will not be. Even the box says keep these away from children and pets. There are a lot of warnings on this package and you need to follow all of them.

These have a tendency to be hit and miss. Sometimes they have worked and sometimes they have not. I think the problem lies in that they work best on certain types of ants.

Note: there is a rating for environmental harm I would imagine the only harm these do are that the little discs are eventually thrown away but they are small.