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Combating Aging With Anti Aging Common Sense

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There are a remarkable number of products that are found in the market place today for anti-aging treatments. These include over the counter items as well as prescription medications to aid with delaying the aging process of your skin.

Everyone wants to delay father time as long as possible. However, is it reasonable to assume that you can delay the aging process by something you have control over? The answer is yes.

Anti-aging treatments and products target women more than men. However, men do concern themselves with their looks and the effects aging has on their skin. The wrinkles and the fine lines are typically of concern.

There are some universal products used by any sex and at any age to help you with fighting the aging process.


Night time and day time moisturizer are both important. Both men and women can use moisturizer. Adding moisture back to skin is important for everyone.

Swimming, washing, bathing and many other activities will remove moisture from your delicate skin and speed up the aging process. Add moisture back when you can.

Many of us use anti-bacterial hand soap products. These are great but one disadvantage is they will dry out your skin. The alcohol content in the product is responsible for drying. Add moisture back to wherever it’s missing in your skin.


Every one of all ages need sunblock. Regardless of your age, skin tone or color you need sunblock. The sun’s harmful rays account for a lot of the aging process of wrinkles or something worse such as skin cancer.

The lighter your skin the more sub block you should apply. If you live in a climate where you have cold months as well as warm months, the sun is still shining and may harm to your skin.

There are lots of moisturizer sold with sunblock or sunscreen. If you are able to buy one that combines both, you are killing two birds with one stone.


Pollution plays its own part in the aging process. Things such as dirt and grime in the air and our atmosphere get into our pores and cause havoc with our skins cells.

Skin cells regenerate over and over as a regular process. Old dead skins shed and new ones replace them. Anything that prevents this regeneration or interrupts it can cause the aging process to accelerate. Pollution is an agent capable of interrupting the process.

People who live in highly populated metropolitan areas with higher pollution, will age faster than their counterparts that live in rural communities.

To combat pollution, washing your face every day with a great facial wash is important. Wash your face with products formulated for your skin type. For example, if you have oily skin you should use a product designed for oil skin that will leave the moisture without too much and leaving your skin dry and dull looking.

There is one skin type that has a natural ability to combat the aging process where wrinkles and fine lines, this is oily. The oily skin type generally shows a better aging process than any other skin type.

If you do have an oily skin type, continue with these hints and information to delay the wrinkles and fine lines, you simply have a little more natural help than the others.