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Comet A Great Cleanser

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Comet has been an old standby for effective cleaning. I use it for scouring sinks, going over the bathtub, and getting tough stains off of linoleum, among other things. I buy it at Walmart and it usually costs around $1.60. Comet is distributed by Prestige Brands International. It doesn't scratch and is very good at eliminating those stains that you want to get rid of. I have a can that contains 21 oz. and it lasts quite a while.

I find that it only takes a little bit of Comet to do the job. Comet is not one of those cleansers with a pretty scent, but I am not using it to freshen the air. As long as it does a good job of cleaning, the scent is not really a bother for me. I think every lady who takes pride in her home wants to have a clean house, and Comet will help to achieve that goal.

Comet can be used on a number of surfaces and is very effective on tough stains. If you are using it on a surface where you are not certain how it will work, you may want to test it on a very small spot first. It can clean and disinfect many surfaces, including porcelain, stainless steel, natural marble, glazed ceramic tile and fiberglass. It should not be used on painted surfaces, silver, aluminum, soft plastic or walls. It also is not recommended for rubber, although rubber tires would be a surface in which Comet can effectively clean without doing any harm. You also should not mix Comet with other cleansers, especially anything that contains ammonia.

To allow Comet to do a proper job, it should be sprinkled on a wet surface and allowed to sit for approximately 15 seconds. Then the surface can be rubbed with the cleanser and rinsed as needed. You can also use Comet on a wet sponge if you would rather not put it directly onto a particular surface.

For disinfecting non-porous surfaces, it is recommended that you allow Comet to sit on the surface for approximately five minutes after the area has been rubbed. Then the surface can be rinsed. For disinfecting toilet bowls, the cleanser should be sprinkled on bowl surfaces, scoured with a proper brush, and allowed to stand for 10 minutes. Then the toilet can be flushed.

Comet has been a great cleanser for cleaning and disinfecting over the years. My mother always used it, and I am following in her wise footsteps.