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Comfortable Affordable Ear Buds Great Sound

Reviewing: Phillips Philips He592 Surround Sound Ear Buds (White)  |  Rating:
kaylala024 By kaylala024 on
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Tired of the ipod ear buds that came with my Nano that were always hurting my ears and falling out, I went into walmart searching for ANYTHING more comfortable. I was willing to pay a pretty penny for any headphones or earbuds that wouldn't require me taking an aleeve after using them....

There wasn't much of a selection, so I was limited to choosing $15 head phones or $89 dollar head phones, and since I can be tight with a buck, I chose the $ 15 Philips HE592 Surround Sound Ear Buds (White).

These are hands down the best earbuds I have ever owned. My quality of life has improved greatly since I bought these as I am no longer stressed out by the ipod earbuds always falling out, and I can actually relax and enjoy my music. These ear buds have a soft, flexible casing around the bud that make a comfortable tight fit.

And as the name suggests, it really does sound like you are listening to sorround sound. The bass levels are great and the sound is crystal clear.

They also come with an extra set of the plastic casings, and I bet if you need more you could get them on the Phillips website for a reasonable price...

Oh and they came in a cute cushioned little carry case which is awesome and extremely portable. For those with tiny MP3 players, you might be able to use this case to carry your mp3 player in (The Zune stone fits perfectly).

Oh, and my dad was so impressed, he went out and bought a pair (getting my dad to buy anything "extra" is like pulling teeth!)