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Comic Music Duo: From New Zealand Or Heaven?

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By maryfofary on
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Flight of the Conchords is a formerly underground band that hads come into the limelight now that their self-titled show has hit HBO and their newest self-titled album has hit shelves. Flight of the Conchords consists of two New Zealanders named Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement. They use mostly acoustic guitar work for some of their older songs but have recently branched out with synthesizers, classical and world instruments. The songs are clever, witty and hilarious. Usually comedy musical acts rely on the comedy and lack in the musical department. Flight of the Conchords are wonderful musicians and the songs are catchy, and can be played over and over without getting old. Some of the songs are a little too much for young ears (cussing or discussing how a woman is so beautiful she could be a "high class prostitute") but it is not overdone and should be fine for teenagers and adults. Flight of the Conchords is still fairly little known by the public and so it is a great way to be a pioneer amongst your friends and introduce them to new music( nothing is cooler than knowing about new bands), though the HBO show has led to a lot of growing popularity, for example I heard "Ladies of the World" playing in Forever 21 recently. Also, when you buy the CD from the store instead of iTunes, it comes with a really cool two-sided poster. This is my current favorite CD and I reccomend it to anyone who enjoys cool music and likes to laugh!