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Commercial Pet Food Research Education

Reviewing: Commercial Pet Foods Does Not Apply  |  Rating:
By Pamela Myers on
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I have been reading, researching and studying commercial pet foods, the manufactures who produce them, the *ingredients* they put in them, the industry as a whole and individually, since 2004 and educating pet owners on how to pick the best food they can feed on the budget they have to work with.

I am pro-raw feeding, and pro-home cooking, but I am not radical about it ! Many pet owners need more knowledge and they should not *beaten up* for their choices, no matter if others agree with them or not.

It takes a lot to convince me of the truthfulness of anything that the commercial companies have to say, although I do have a *measure* of confidence in a few of the better ones. But, not much! I do not claim to know it all, but I do have a whole lot of knowledge and resources on this subject, but never enough.

Pet Peeve: "Well, I called the company, and they said their products are 100% safe, so I believe them" !