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Commie Attack With Red Alert 2!

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By pato on
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Red Alert 2 picks up where the last game ended. With the Russians defeated, the Americans and European allies breathe a sigh of relief and retreat to their homeland. However, unbeknownst to them, the Russians have deployed an invasion force to take over the world. Aided by their powerful psychic, Yuri, the Russians stop the American's nuclear capabilities and invade the United States.

In this game you either play as the Americans or the invading Russians and have to defeat the opposite army. If you play as the Americans you have to defend the United States and eventually take the fight to the Russian homebase, defeating their powerful psychic along the way. If you play as the Russians, you get to invade the US and eventually take the fight to the White House itself.

The improvements to the game make it a far superior outing to the original. Both sides have new technology with which to attack. The Russians have more electricity based weapons as well as psychic technology. The Americans rely on powerful crystal based technology and an efficient air force.

The game has plenty of replayability due to the skirmish games which can be played at any time and is an excellent addition to any game library.