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Como Park Zoo And Conservatory; St. Paul, Mn

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By tkddad on
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Growing up in St. Paul, Minnesota I went to this local zoo a lot. As I got older I did not care for it. I felt it was very small and the animals were poorly kept in small cages with no room to roam. I remember as a child watching this tiger in a small cage walk back and forth and back and forth. I felt sorry for the tiger.

For years I avoid this zoo because of my past experience. I was told Como Zoo has changed a lot so I decided to check it out.

I am impressed with how much this zoo has changed over the years. It is still very small, one could probably do this zoo in 4 hours, but the admission is still free.

The zoo looks very clean now, which is a major change from the past.

The animal's exhibits are much larger now and they have room to roam. The polar bears have a nice area where they can swim and play. The big cats have a nice outdoor/indoor area. Sometimes it is hard to see them because their outside area is large, but if you look long enough you should be able to see them.

They have a nice primate building now. The last time I was here they had a very old gorilla here that just liked to lay around. I can't remember how old he was but quite old for a gorilla.

There is a seal show throughout the day. It is short but cute. I think young kids will especially like it.

I like to hang out at seal island and feed the seals.

There is a wolf area but that is one area that it is hard to see the animals. Sometimes I will spend quite a bit of time here and I don't see one wolf. It is a big piece of land they have to roam on with a lot of trees so they blend in pretty good.

I feel the zoo has greatly improved over the years. Now I would recommend people to visit this zoo.

If you like flowers there is a Conservatory. There is a small fee, I think $1.00, but it is pretty. I am not into flowers so I have only been in there a handful of times. It's nice but I am sure someone that likes flower will like it a lot more.