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Compact Fluorescent Bulbs Help The Environment

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klkwid By klkwid on
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Wal Mart put out their own brand of compact fluorescent bulbs to keep up with the competition-what can I say? For half the price of the regular brands, you get to light up your home for less!

Fluorescent bulbs are supposed to replace regular bulbs so you can get the same amount of light for fewer watts, saving you money on your energy bill. I believe the do work how they say, although I've been changing over slowly and I haven't noticed a big drop in my bill because of that slow change-if I had replaced every single bulb in my house with these maybe I would se a bigger drop.

The bulbs are ugly-if you don't have a lamp cover or a lighting fixture that hides the actual bulb, it won't look right. I have seen that they are coming out with these bulbs with different outright shapes to them to try to mask the fluorescent tube look, and that is helping this problem somewhat. The light put off by the bulbs is actually just as bright as the old standard bulbs. In fluorescent, for example, 23 watts=100 watts of old bulbs. Another good thing is that these bulbs are supposed to last up to 9 years. This is GREAT for those hard to reach fixtures (i.e. one that I have on my stairs that's about 15 feet in the air!!) This way I won't have to change my bubls as often and I don't have to risk getting hurt trying to do it! I guess I'm saving the environment and saving my own skin :) I have only been using these bulbs for about a year and a half, but so far I have not had to replace any of them.

Two things about these bulbs I can think of are aslightly bad-first, it takes them a second to warm up to get to full power. That's a little hard to get used to, but I don't even notice it anymore. Second, there has been some controversy about the safety of these bulbs. If one should break, you ned to be careful when cleaning it up because of mercury content. Although I agree that this is a bad thing, the benefits outweigh the risks. Emails blow things out of proportion, first, so don't believe them-go to the web sites of the places that make these or go to the FDA or an environmental group site or something-believe the people who know what they're talking about!! Plus, how long did we use mercury thermonmeters in our mouths? Have you ever heard of mercury poisoning from anything having to do with those breakin? When I was in school we had mercury thermometers and when they'd break, we would play with the little blobs of shiny stuff-we didn't know better. Everyone turned out ok (alright, I went to school whith some pretty strange people, but I think they were like that BEFORE the mercury exposure) Even if you just read the bottles of common household cleaners you have right now, there are all SORTS of warnings that we even IGNORE right now!

Overall I think these are a wise investment for our pocketbooks and for our Earth!