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Companion Road Pyramid Cat Bed

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When we decided (ok, when I decided) to take in a little kitten that was about to become homeless due to the fact my daughter wasn't able to keep her any longer once she moved, I knew that I wanted to try and give the little fur ball a good home which included a few "lap of luxury" items that she could call her very own.

My daughter found this little sweetheart in the bushes outside an apartment building which was across from where she had been living, about a month ago and until she moved into her new place, she had been trying to find a home for the little thing. No one seemed to want a kitten but my daughter knew (which I think was her intent all along) that if she showed the kitten to me and told me that they'd have to take her to the Humane Society - that I'd end up taking her in and of course she was right.

We picked the little thing up at 4 in the afternoon and thanks to traffic due to a bus strike here, we were in the car for over 2 hours with her. She was incredible! She took to the car as though it were home and snuggled inside my youngest daughter's jacket for the majority of the ride. Well, I couldn't very well ignore that kind of terrific attitude so I decided that we should stop at the pet store before going home and pick up a few things for her.

Almost $150 later, our newest little edition to the family had just about everything we felt she would need to become comfortable in her new home including a little place that she could call her own. This little Companion Road Pyramid cat bed was wrapped up so nicely in the store with a little black satin ribbon that it just begged me to see if our little bundle of fluff was going to like it. We opened it up and let the kitten take a look and she crawled right into it and laid down ready to go for a nap.

The bed is very cozy and comes with a little leopard motif blanket that lies on the bottom of the pyramid floor. The door way is large enough that our Jack Russel can crawl inside (and she has) but not so large that it doesn't act as a bit of protection for the kitten when she wants to hide away. There is a little mouse, also in leopard print that hangs from the doorway which the kitten can play with - batting it back and forth.

The construction of this bed is quite good and the stitching is very solid and well done. The blanket that comes with the bed can be taken out to be washed and so far, the kitten enjoys it - although she seems to still have a desire to hide away under the sofa.

This bed was on sale at Petsmart and there were a number of other prints available including a tapestry, giraffe and colorful print bed but the leopard print with the beige velour exterior appeared to be the nicest looking of all and matched very well with our little one's personality - very elegant but very understated at the same time.

The bed is very easy to transport from room to room and given that the kitten is still quite small, it will also work as her carry bed if we ever have to take her outside the house - keeping her not only safe but warm as well.