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Compaq Presario, Tk 57 Laptop Computer

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By mellaview on
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I have been looking for an easy to use laptop for me to write reviews on. I didn't need any high tech dream machine, nor was I lokoing for the best graphics card, or sound card, or any of that high tech stuff. I simply wanted something light enough to place on my lap, to write reviews while I sat in bed comfortably.

I hated being trapped to my desktop, which we all know is not mobile at all.

When I first caught glimpse of laptop computers at my local Best Buy, I was unsure about which one to get. They all looked the same! Except one in particular had a price tag I could not ignore. Before making the splurge though...$500 is still a lot of money; I did some research.

The Compaq Presario, TK-57 Laptop Computer, V6719NR seemed to have everything I would need to get online with ease. With a built in wireless card, operating on Windows Vista, and at the lower price than other laptops on the market, this laptop seemed to be exactly what I needed.


The 15.4 inch screen was what I fell in love with. I loved the sexy high gloss shine, and the vibrant colors that the screen give off beautifully.

The laptop uses brightview technology, and has a 1280x800 resolution. Numbers though mean squat to me...clarity does...and this bad boy is like looking into a crystal clear lake. The picture quality is simply flawless, and I would easily compare it to a high end HDTV...only much smaller.

Boot Time:

My desktop which is seriously a dream machine running on XP boots up slower than this basic preformance laptop. The Compaq Presario, TK-57 Laptop Computer boots up to windows vista in less than a minute. That is pretty sweet, especially when you just want to power up and look something up quickly.

Many folks have been saying that Vista slows down a computer, but I have no complaints. If anything Vista allows things to run faster.


Internet speeds are also the usual lightning fast speeds I experince on my XP desktop. There is no loading times, no waiting...and downloads are very, very fast. Even for movies. Keep in mind I am running the internet with highspeed optimum online, so I am sure this contributes.

Hooking up to the internet was a breeze. With my wireless network already set up, all I had to do was plug in my WEP key and I was hooked up. All in all it took a mere minute to set it to my network.


The keyboard on the laptop is my favorite feature besides the screen. The keys are all spaced perfectly, giving your fingers plenty of room to tap away.


There is no mouse here, but I recommend you buy a wireless mouse. The laptop itself though has a touchpad with built in touch scrolling. Seeing how I hate touch pads, I use a wireless mouse. However when I do use the touchpad I experince flawless movement of the arrow on the screen.


There are 2 built in speakers which reside at the top of the laptop keyboard. What is cool about the speakers though is how you raise, lower and mute the volume. There is no lame switch, or dial. The volume is adjusted by touching a flat panel at the top of the keyboard. Its sort of like a smartphones touchscreen, and it is really freaking cool. It just makes it feel and look all high techy.

Volume set on high is loud enough to hear everything from movies to music. Many have been complaining about the lack of high volume, and that even at high it is too low. For me the volume is perfect. Remember we bought a laptop, not a boom box. If you dont like the volume, you can always buy externam speakers to plug into one of the availabe USB hubs.


There are 3 USB hubs, for me this was plenty. I could plug in a printer if need be, a mouse, and digital camera. Truly whatever my hearts desire.


The Compaq Presario, TK-57 Laptop Computer may not be the lightest lappie on the market, but truly it is lightweight enough to tote around without experincing any back problems. It weighs in at 5.7 pounds, which isn't horrendous.


I have been so far very impressed with the performance that this laptop has delivered. I have no complaints. Its a beautiful laptop, it runs smoothly, quickly, and is efficent. At only $500 you cannot find better.

You can find this model at bestbuy, or online at bestbuy.com